You probably hear a number of people around this time mention how they hat seeing it get dark so early. Who really wants to see the sun set before 5 P.M.? Not many do. Now, a state politician wants to end daylights savings once and for all so New Yorkers can enjoy the sunset after dinner. But does the bill have a chance of actually passing?

New York State Senator James Skoufis wants to end daylight savings across the entire state and move New York to Atlantic Standard Time. This would move the current standard time to an hour later, according to the Daily Freeman. 

Skoufis referred to the current method as "antiquated" and "nothing short of annoying".

People are tired of the sun setting before they even leave work and studies show that a later sunset could lead to a reduction in energy consumption, crime, and vehicle and pedestrian fatalities.

One challenge ahead is that other nearby states like Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania would have to pass similar legislation so it wouldn't affect commuters who cross state lines.