There’s something extra special about four-year-old Liam Hickey of Spencer-Van Etten. You see, Liam is one of only two known children in the entire United States living with Opsismodysplasia. Opsismodysplasia is a type of skeletal dysplasia which is characterized by congenital dwarfism and facial dysmorphism.

Liam is a beautiful and vibrant child with a smile that melts hearts, but this precious boy has a hard road ahead of him. Liam recently underwent major leg surgery, but that won’t be the end of his surgeries. Liam’s future will be filled with surgeries and medical procedures to keep his skeletal system stabilized.

When Liam had his leg surgery, it required his tibia and fibula bones to be broken, severed, wedged, and reset to straighten and strengthen them. Liam now sports eight metal rods which were drilled into his bones for stabilization. Once his bones have healed, Liam will have to have surgery again to remove the rods and then will have to rebuild his muscles and learn to walk again.

Liam is the definition of a fighter, but he’s not facing obstacles alone. The Spencer-Van Etten community won’t let him. In a show of love and support, the Spencer-Van Etten community has come together to create a benefit on Saturday, March 16th and the entire benefit will be centered around the Superhero Spirit of little kids fighting big battles.

You and your family are invited to this family-friendly event where there will be fun music, concessions, a community concert, raffles and more. The event will take place at the Spencer-Van Etten High School Auditorium on Saturday, March 16th from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and every penny raised from admission, concessions, and raffles will help provide financial assistance to Liam and his family.

Admission is $1 per child, $2 per adult, and $10 per family. Additionally, this event will feature face painting, a photo booth, a Superhero costume contest, Superhero crafts, Zumba class for kids, and much more!

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