The Rumble Ponies were coming off a 5-0 loss to the RubberDucks on July 5 at NYSEG Stadium. On July 6, Binghamton was looking to stir the pot against Akron as special guest Brian Baumgartner was in attendance for "Office Night".

The Rumble Ponies also wore their Spiedies uniforms, so it was the Spiedies that had a lot of momentum at the bottom of the first inning. First, it was an RBI single to left field from David Thompson to score Jason Krizan. Andres Gimenez followed that up with a homer flying to the right-center field which brought home Ali Sanchez and Luis Carpio as well. Binghamton was ahead 4-0 after the first inning of play.

The hits would keep coming for the Spiedies. At the bottom of the third inning, Thompson would double on a line drive to left field to bring Sanchez in. Soon after, Braxton Lee would add another one to their lead as he hit a home-run to right field. It was a 6-0 lead for Binghamton after four innings.

Akron managed to mount a comeback at the top of the sixth inning. Trenton Brooks started it all with a single on a ground ball to the right field, sending Mitch Longo home. Then, an RBI double from Nellie Rodriguez would bring in Alex Call and Brooks. Logan Ice ended the inning on a high note for the RubberDucks with a double to center field to score Rodriquez. So just like that, it became a 6-5 ballgame.

Binghamton extends the lead back to two in the bottom of the seventh with the RBI ground ball single to center field from Thompson. He scores Krizan to make it 7-5 in favor of the Spiedies. But Akron responds with a quick counterblow at the top of the eighth. A home-run to left field from Rodriguez to left field made it 7-6.

The Spiedies defense stepped at the top of the ninth inning to seal the deal and win by a final score of 7-6. Binghamton's record goes back to being at 500 (42-42 overall). The team will hope to have a winning record after their final game before the All-Star break on July 7. First pitch scheduled for 2:05 P.M.

via [MLB]

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