If you're a smoker or a drinker, these habits are always on your mind and they are hard to break. There is some habits that you may have fallen into that do not feel like a habit but are. Check this out.

One of the biggest is not making your bed. It doesn't take that long, but some never do it. Especially if you didn't make your own bed as a kid. Then, you probably never do it unless you have "company". Speaking of that, we move to the next. Washing your sheets, have you done that? You are supposed to wash them every two weeks! Next is your computer keyboard, most of us don't think to clean it until is terribly disgusting.  You should be wiping it down once a week so it doesn't get to the point of disaster.

Don't for get to brush your teeth! I get it, you fell asleep on the couch, but you if you miss it a couple of times you may decide its not necessary. It is. Next is the kitchen trash overflowing? "No, it's not because I  just keep pushing it down, there's plenty of room!" Really? You're just being too lazy to take it out. I know its cold, but just do the right thing. It's gonna start to smell. Speaking of foul odors, is there expired food in your fridge?  Toss that out too!




[Via: Thrillist]