There is something so satisfying about pulling back the covers and slipping into a bed made up with freshly washed, crisp, clean-smelling bed sheets.

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I love fresh sheets so much that I sometimes change our bed sheets two or three times a week which has made me the friend that all the others playfully jab at but it's such a small thing that makes me happy, so why not?

We literally had to buy a trunk to keep all of our bed sheets in because we have so many. There are fleece ones for winter (everyone loves flannel, but we're big fans of the soft feeling fleece), white ones for when we're sick (because they're bleachable), and a variety of sheets for various holidays and seasons.

While I knew that most people don't change their sheets as compulsively as I do, I had no idea the reality was as bad as it is. Not only do people not change their sheets as often as previously claimed, but this truly shocked and horrified me.

2,000 adults were surveyed by a company called Hammonds Furniture and admitted that they’ve really fallen behind when it comes to washing their bed sheets. And by really fallen behind, I mean, “How in the world can you even think this is justifiable?!?”

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, ONE in THREE (!!!) say they only wash their bed sheets once a year. Um, if you didn’t know, your bed sheets are a fantastic breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, and even...fungal infections, and when you don’t wash your sheets at least once a week all of that nastiness is what you’re cuddling with. Boom, you've become instant best friends with a bed bug, lucky you.

Be honest. How often do you really wash your bed sheets? If it's not at least once a week, you really should make an attempt to start doing that. I mean...fungal infections...

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