I've only smoked once in my life and that was in a college TV production of 'Hotel Hospital.'   I'm hoping that there is no existing video out there that may be used as blackmail someday, but I have a feeling it may turn up at a future reunion gathering.

The truth is, I was not good at smoking.  The TV role required some practice and in this case, practice did not make perfect.  Many of my friends have been successful to quit smoking, but in most cases, it didn't just happen.

One thing you may want to try could be sitting in your house right now.   According to a study at Duke University, dairy foods like yogurt, cheese and yes--ice cream, make cigarettes less enjoyable.  And if you no longer enjoy the taste of smoking, you are most likely going to cut down or quit.

They went on to say, in addition to dairy, smokers reported that consuming water, fruits and vegetables also "worsened the taste of cigarettes, while consuming alcohol, coffee and meat enhanced their taste, according to the scientists."

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