I love a good horror flick. The only reason I keep cable is catching a bad horror movie marathon as I am searching through channels. The cheesier and gorier the better in my opinion.

I also love a good jumpy flick. One that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing with every turn. Where you yell at your television “Don’t go in there!”

A good chunk of people do not like horror films, until now. You can actually burn calories by binge watching these movies!

TIME magazine says the scarier you find the movie, the more calories you can burn. This is great for people like me who love a couch and good movie.

In the research one participant was so terrified of The Shining, a favorite of mine, she wound up burning close to 200 calories. That almost half a meal!

The horror movies create what the researchers call “good stress.” They found people who got a decent to great scare in felt a decrease in stress and anxiety.

When your indulging in your kid’s candy next week, skip the gym. Just throw a Friday the 13th movie or Cabin in the Woods on the television and enjoy your workout.

[via TIME]

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