Have you ever noticed this while you were waiting in line at a New York Aldi? It's that the cashiers are always sitting down when they ring you up. My daughter, Riley works at Aldi and I asked her and she didn't know for sure.

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Come to find out, it's not because they're tired or trying to take a quick break, but there's actually a reason behind it! Aldi has gained quite a following in New York State and it takes customer service seriously.

Their attention to detail even applies to the checkout line. Unlike some grocery stores where cashiers stand up, Aldi cashiers sit down at the register and it's based on data and efficiency!

The Reasons That Cashiers Sit At Aldi

According to Aldi, they found that having their cashiers sit at the register allows them to ring up items faster. They even get reports every day on their ringing statistics and that helps them to improve their transaction speed. It's similar to a  pro baseball player trying to improve their batting average.

I love it for many reasons including the faster checkout times. I'm impressed by their efficiency and I'm not just saying that because my daughter works there. Once you've experienced it, going to other supermarkets can feel a little slower.

So, how do Aldi cashiers improve their scanning speed? Well, some shift managers and employees have shared their tips with The Daily Meal. They guide the items into the cart instead of one at at time in a specific spot. This saves time and avoids damaging the products.

Another trick is pausing the timer between orders. If a customer needs a little extra time putting the items onto the belt, the cashier can hit a code to temporarily stop the timer. It prevents unnecessary time delays and keeps the flow of transactions smooth.

Aldi Checkout Tricks

Aldi has a few other checkout tricks. Have you ever noticed the multiple large barcodes on Aldi items? It's designed to make scanning quicker so the cashier doesn't have to place every item perfectly and it runs past the scanner without a problem.

And here's something else that Aldi does. A lot of times cashiers will ask customers to insert their debit or credit card into the payment machine before the scanning process is done. This makes the payment process happen faster and saves time for the cashier and customer

The next time you're at Aldi and see the cashiers sitting while they ring you up, you can appreciate the reasoning behind it. It's all about speed, strategy, and giving the customer a shopping experience that's quick and hassle-free.

Besides, it's not a Survivor challenge so I say, "let them sit."

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