With all the college chaos that we keep hearing about throughout the country, it's nice to hear positive news coming from one of our universities in the Empire State.

he State University of New York Board of Trustees just gave SUNY Oneonta an extra 12.7% in funding which might not sound like a whole lot but it really is! That nearly 13% increase comes to $1.8 million.

This move was part of the FY 2025 Enacted New York State budget and it comes at a time when they can use it the most. President Alberto Cardelle talked about his appreciation for the additional money, saying that it will allow SUNY Oneonta to continue creating a place where students can continue to grow both intellectually and socially.

This funding increase is part of a continuation of the initiatives that were supported in the previous year's budget. Some of the other things that it will provide is more mental health services, helping to make the campus more accessible to students with disabilities, help with food insecurity, and providing workforce training to meet the needs in Otsego County. It's great to see SUNY Oneonta getting these important programs and services.

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In case you didn't know but SUNY Oneonta, is a public, four-year university that is located in Central New York. It has a wide range of bachelor's degree programs and many graduate certificate and degree programs too. SUNY Oneonta is known for its commitment to excellence and creating a supportive place for students to learn and further their education.

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