Have you ever laid in a field of grass with your hands behind your head, closed your eyes and wished upon a shooting star?

There was only one time in my life that I saw a shooting star. I was in the car, late at night with my husband when he shouted for me to look to my right and as soon as I turned my head, I saw it. In that moment, I wished that he'd ask me to marry him. He did the following month.

Being lucky enough to see a shooting star is an amazing experience. Unfortunately, that star I wished upon and the one you wished upon if you've ever done such a thing might not be exactly what we thought it was.

In an attempt to make science and space more fun, NASA has revealed that shooting stars are more often than not the result of astronaut poo. Yeah. Poo.

Apparently when astronauts go poo while they're on a space mission, they eject their waste into space. That waste burns up in the atmosphere and appears as a shooting star to the rest of us on earth.

Um, yeah. About that wish ...

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