Krispy Kreme has an awesome 4th of July deal.

The popular shop known for it's warm freshly glazed doughnuts it's hooking you up big time for the holiday.

So here's the promotion, buy one dozen doughnuts get a free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts on July 4th.


Tell me that wouldn't be a great addition to your 4th of July's barbecue menu.

There's only one small catch. You have to be a member of their 'donut club' which is really not an issue at all seeing as you can sign up for free. Just remember to do it in advance.

Krispy Kreme is also selling there "Let Freedom Ring" donuts though the month of July. According to, "The lineup includes three donuts -- the Freedom Ring Doughnut, Sprinkled Ring Doughnut, and the Firework Ring Doughnut."

My only suggestion about this awesome promo is that you should go really early because they tent to sell out quickly.

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