The first Friday in June is "National Donut Day" and it gives us a great reason to eat one of our favorite treats...not that I need an excuse to enjoy that fried pastry. All of our favorite donut shops will be offering great deals.

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Dunkin' is offering everyone a free classic donut (my favorite is Boston Kreme) with any beverage purchase (my favorite is butter pecan iced coffee...not that anyone asked.) Krispy Kreme is also celebrating in two different ways on National Donut Day.

Why We Celebrate Donut Day On First Friday In June

Have you ever wondered why it's celebrated on the first Friday in June? It goes back over 100 years and the Salvation Army's involvement in World War I. In 1917, a Salvation Army lassie handed a fresh doughnut to a homesick doughboy in France.

Helen Purviance, an ensign in the Salvation Army, was sent to France to work with the American First Division. She and another officer, Ensign Margaret Sheldon began making frying doughnuts in the soldier's helmets.

Purviance and Sheldon started to be called the "Donut Lassies" even though they baked other treats including apple pie. So for the last 86 years, the Salvation Army donut has stood for loving concern for those in the armed forces. You can read the whole story here.

Salvation Army WWI Donut Recipe 

If you would like to try your hand at making the doughnuts that started it all, go here to get the Salvation Army WWI ingredients and directions.

Now that we've been educated, let's reward ourselves with a free doughnut. Better yet, go to a few donut establishments and buy a dozen. This way you are helping our local businesses (remember local people work there) and you get to eat donuts. That's the way to really celebrate today.

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