Jay ordered Thai the other night and got me tofu, one of my favorite appetizers. Our little guy looked at me, licking his lips while saying "eeez," which in toddler language means "please." I knew he wanted a taste and I was okay with giving him some because tofu is super healthy. I gave John a taste and he devoured it and then looked at me for me. It might seem like no big deal, but it was for me because John isn't a big meat eater and we're always trying to find new ways for him to get the nutrients he needs to grow big and strong through food he enjoys.

Anyone who eats meat and has tried a veggie version of a burger or grilled  chicken will tell you that the taste if definitely different. But, scientists say they're working on fixing that.

A new California-based company says they've created a vegan burger that supposedly cooks and tastes just like beef. The burger is completely vegan and doesn't contain soy or gluten. The protein actually comes from yellow peas.

Apparently when you bit into the burger, you get the same juiciness and chewiness that you'd get with a traditional burger. According to those who've tried this burger, it has a "slightly meaty mouth-feel" and a "complex, fibrous texture, similar to that of ground beef."

It'll be interesting if this burger really does taste like the real thing!

[via Science Friday]