Most people hold memories of summer nights spent watching fireflies light up the dark and if you're someone who thinks back fondly on those days, this will be exciting news for you.

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Two new species of predatory fireflies, found in parts of the northeastern United States, including near the New York border, have been discovered during a multi-year survey.

Femme Fatale Fireflies

The survey was conducted by Christopher Hecksher and published in the journal Northeastern Naturalist. Hecksher discovered that both firefly species belong to the Photuris genus species which is known for luring males with their glow to then prey and eat them. The species were observed to be traveling long distances to find mates and prey, unlike other fireflies that tend to remain in a particular location.

Witmeri and Figuramuto Species

After capturing the specimens using a hand lamp and net, Hecksher discovered that the first species, named witmeri, sends out a single flash followed by a longer trembling flash and can be found in low vegetation in several Northeastern counties.

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The second species, named figuramuto, was found only in Pennsylvania and it bears resemblance to the witmeri species. The figuramuto emits bright flashes at irregular intervals and according to the study, can alter flash patterns perhaps in response to the presence of other firefly species.

Diversity of Fireflies

According to the Massachusetts Audubon Society, there are about 150 firefly species spread across North America, grouped into 16 different genera. It's quite a task to tell each species apart because they share so many similarities, which is what makes the discovery of these two new species even more amazing!

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