Is it me or are more people becoming vegans, especially in New York State? Veganism used to be very unpopular but in the last seven years, the number of people that have switched from being meat eaters to vegans has increased 12 times.

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In the past, it was certain kinds of people that decided to go the vegan route but it's not that way anymore. We all know someone that is vegan from famous athletes to families on a tight budget.

More and more people seem to be embracing a plant-based lifestyle. So did some research and they found that New York came in the top 5 (#4) state in the entire United States for residents that were most likely to jump on the vegan train. Choo Choo that vegan food.

Why Are More New Yorkers Becoming Vegan took a look at different factors including Google search trends, money saved after switching from meat per pound to vegan, the number of vegan restaurants, and the number of vegan meetup groups per million people. This helped them figure out which state residents were most likely to adopt an herbivore diet.

I find it interesting that in a state where hunting is such a big way of life, many Empire State residents are turning to a plant-powered lifestyle. It's possible that more people are becoming vegans because meat prices ARE OUT OF CONTROL right now.

Whether it's that or they are doing it for their health or personal beliefs, more people in New York are becoming vegans and the state is right there leading the way. Check out the top 20 states that are going vegan here.

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