We’ve all done it. We are late to a meeting, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or are hangry (hungry and angry at the same time) and need food. We hit the traffic light that seems to take forever and slam on our break. Not so polite words come out of our mouths.

The light turns green and the person in front of us doesn’t move fast enough. The honk is immediately followed by slamming on our gas pedal and blowing by the person sitting in front of us. We all drive erratically every once in a while.

While driving like a mad man isn’t a habit most of us are persistent in having, people that do drive erratically all the time pay on the back end.

Like paying an extra dollar on every gallon of gas they put into their car. Researchers say this is because speeding in and out of lanes and persistently slamming on your breaks uses more gas than driving calmly. That extra dollar per gallon adds up quickly, totaling over $700 more in fuel cost per year.

So next time someone is honking at you because you immediately put the pedal to the floor when the light turned green, you can laugh and bask in the glory of saving $700.

[via Knox News]


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