The New York State gas tank holiday has come to an end and we can expect to see gas prices to go up again. It doesn't appear that it'll be coming back any time soon. This will add to the struggle to make ends meet but we still need to travel so how can we save money on fuel.

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The Consumer Federation of America has some simple tips to help you save 20% or more on fuel cost.

Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas

Lighten Your Load - Clean out your trunk, that can save you $35 a year...almost a tank fuel. For every 100 extra pounds that you carry around, your vehicle can lose 2% in fuel efficiency. Does that mean if you leave the wife home, you could save 3% on fuel? Asking for a friend.

Be A Smooth Operator - If you accelerate and decelerate in a smooth manner (instead of slamming on the brakes at the last minute), the better gas mileage you'll get. You could saving 33% highway and 5% around town. It's also better for your brakes.

Check Your Air Filter - 1 in 4 cars need a replacement and a clean air filter can improve you gas mileage by 10%.

Keep Your Tire At Proper Air Pressure - Newer cars will let you know when your tire pressure is getting low...unless your like me and the tire stems broke. Improper tire pressure isn't good for your fuel mileage or tire wear. The average under-inflation is around 8 pounds (WOAH) and you'll lose 3% in fuel efficiency.

There other ways to save on gas (along with wear and tear on your vehicle) including having the proper gas cap, slow down while driving and having your front end aligned. This helps with fuel economy, along with tire and engine wear.

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