Gas prices continue to rise, exceeding record levels with no end in sight. Some "experts" are predicting that gas could reach 10 dollars a gallon before we're done. On June 1st, the gas tax in New York was suspended and Broome County's gas tax would be capped.

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It's kind of sad when we are celebrating this gas tax break and gas is still over $4.60 a gallon in our area. Gas prices are up 52% from a year ago, so many of us are curbing our travel but some trips can't be avoided like work, family events, and the grocery store.

So how can we save gas when we have to travel? The Consumer Federation of America has some tips that can help you save 20% or more.

Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump

Check online - If you listen to the radio station, you'll hear a commercial for the free Upside app. It gives you cash back for every gallon of gas you buy. I have several friends that swear by it.

Location, location, location - We've all heard that saying before and it seems to be true when it comes to fuel stations too. For the most part, gas stations away from the major highway exits and city centers tend to have lower prices. Going the extra mile (away from the exit ramp) will be worth the trip and save you money.

Drive Smoothly - Uh oh, I'm in trouble because I'm TERRIBLE at this. The smoother you accelerate and decelerate, the better gas mileage that you'll get. Don't gas, brake, gas, brake. Once you get to your desired speed, don't brake unnecessarily.

The smoother you drive, the better gas mileage you'll get and it'll extend the life of your brakes, engine, tires, and transmission. When it comes to saving gas, there aren't enough oooooooo's in smooth.

Lighten Your Load - Uh oh, I'm in trouble again. For every extra 100 pounds that is carried around, your vehicle will lose 1 to 2 percent in fuel efficiency. Check your trunk and see what's in there...Just don't ask to look in my trunk because it's loaded with unnecessary things.

Turn Your Vehicle Off - If you're stopped for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine. For every two minutes that you don't idle your vehicle, you'll save around 4 cents per gallon.

Some of the newer cars will automatically shut off the engine when you're not moving like at a traffic light. This is something that I've just started doing, when I go through the bank drive-thru, I'll turn off my car while completing my transaction.

These are just a few tips that can help you save gas and money. Go here to find other ways to save on gas costs this summer.

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