Great news! Following a health checkup, Santa’s official vet has given the green light to Rudolph’s and the rest of the reindeer to travel this world this Christmas Eve!

Dr. John Howe is the president of the American Veterinary Medical Association and he visited the North Pole to make sure that all of Santa's nine reindeer are healthy enough to make their trip around the world, and they are. Whew!

According to Dr. Howe, Santa's reindeer are perfectly healthy, in great shape, and ready for their upcoming flight. Dr. Howe has actually given the reindeer a "RTF" ("Ready To Fly!") status. Still don't believe it? Watch for yourself!

Santa's reindeer are examined every year before their Christmas Eve flight to make sure they're in the very best of shape. And you know what? everyone knows to leave milk and cookies for Santa, but if you'd like to do something special for the reindeer, you can leave a plate of graham crackers or some carrots for Santa to feed his reindeer between stops.

And, if you'd like to keep an eye on Santa's reindeer as they gear up for the big day, you can watch the live ReindeerCam right here!

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