Sam Hunt's music is littered with smooth lines and romantic melodies that would make any girl swoon for the country heartthrob. But there was once a time when Hunt's words were rough around the edges and not earning him any Grammy nominations.

“A memory that pops into my head was, I just started dating this girl. It was about this time of year, maybe a month prior to Valentine’s Day, and she was going over to Honduras on a mission trip shortly after Valentine’s Day so I drove down to meet her,” he shares with Sounds Like Nashville. “I had written her a letter in Spanish and it was way too soon to say I love you and I accidentally told her that I loved her in Spanish without knowing it. So it created a really awkward moment when she called me out on it. That’s a Valentine’s Day memory that I won’t forget.”

Hopefully Hunt's future Valentine's Day plans go over substantially less awkward than that now that he's engaged to Hannah Lee Fowler.

Based on Hunt's past sentiments, it seems like Fowler is in for a great day.

“I would try to get a beat on what her perfect Valentine’s Day would be and if I could accommodate that, then that would be perfect for me I think,” Hunt says of the perfect Valentine's Day. "To please your girl and to make her Valentine’s Day wishes come true. Selflessness goes a long way on Valentine’s Day.”

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