Guys screw stuff up all the time. I know that flowers are the easiest to foul up. So... let me help you for next time.Here's five solid ways you will screw up sending her flowers.


1. Waiting until the last minute. If you do, there might not be much to choose from at flower shops. Or you'll end up buying a cheap bouquet at the grocery store. Which is still better than nothing. Just figure out what you're doing today, not tomorrow.

2. Not asking for help. If you don't know what kind of flowers to get, ask the florist for suggestions, and tell them what you can spend. Don't be timid about it. They deal with clueless guys all the time.

3. Always buying roses. They're a safe bet, so that's why guys do it. But lots of other flowers are good for Valentine's Day too, like orchids. Again, ask for help if you need it.

4. Choosing colors that aren't romantic enough. Guys tend to be drawn to really bright colors, like yellow and orange. But darker, more neutral colors are the way to go for something like Valentine's Day.

5. Revealing them in a boring way. Don't leave them in plastic and put them on the table. At least put them in a vase first. Or send them to her at work, so she can brag.

According to a florist in New York, the one boring thing you will be able to get away with is hiding them behind your back with one hand. Women love that for some reason.

(Via: GQ)

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