Most people associate roses with Valentine's Day, but if you're a flower lover like I am, you're more than happy to be gifted roses any time of the year, right? Right! Did you that there's actually a secret message behind the number of roses someone gives you? According to those in the know such as Teleflora and A Better Florist, there really is and this is the scoop.

  • One Rose

    The gift of a single rose is meant for a relationship that's just begun to bloom and signifies love at first sight.

  • Three Roses

    Three roses signify a shared love and are typically given on the one-month anniversary.

  • Six Roses

    If you really want to drive home the fact that you're infatuated with your person, giving them six roses is the perfect way to symbolize this.

  • Ten Roses

    You've heard the saying "perfect ten," right? Well, if you think you've got the perfect relationship, ten is the number of roses you want to give.

  • Twelve Roses

    To give twelve roses is basically to say, "Be mine" and so this is the perfect number to give on a holiday such as Valentine's Day.

  • Thirteen Roses

    Really like someone, but don't want to take it to the next level? The gift of thirteen roses signifies that you appreciate the person, but want to stay in the friend zone.

  • Fifteen Roses

    If you messed up royally, better be prepared to shell out some dough for fifteen roses, because that's the number that signifies just how sorry you are.

  • Twenty-Four Roses

    Head over heels in love and want to shout it from the rooftops? Gifting your sweetheart with twenty-four roses because that's the number that signifies "I'm your's."

  • Forty Roses

    Giving someone forty roses doesn't just mean that you've got a nice wad of cash in your wallet, but it also signifies that your love is completely genuine.

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