Hey fellas, now that the Super Bowl is over, it's time to think of that important lady in your life...Yes, I'm talking about your spouse or girlfriend. Valentine's Day is this Sunday and it'll be here faster than you think.

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Do you remember when your marriage was good, you would celebrate Valentine's Week and would give each other a red gift every day? The gift would get a little better every day and now it's flowers on Valentine's Day.

There is nothing wrong with going the flower route and I think you should support local businesses and get a big bouquet. You're a guy and we have a tendency to make mistakes and they don't let you forget it.

Don't mess this up, or your loved one could be as cold as the temperature on Sunday night...8 degrees by the way.

So plan ahead because it could be the difference between "OH YEAH" and "OH NO!"

OH YEAH - Flowers to get you on her good side

Red tulips: Declaration of love
Dalila: Elegance/Dignity
Blue violet: Faithfulness
Roses: Love...or I think these are the flowers that you want honey

OH NO - Flowers to avoid...unless this is what you really think

Daffodil: Uncertainty
White carnation: Disdain
Mint: Suspicion
Lavender: Mistrust
Black Poppy: Hatred or Farewell
Dead Flowers: I forgot that these were in the car

If you aren't still sure what to get then buy a gift certificate from a local floral shop, I'm sure Dillenbeck's would love your business. That way you're saying  "I took the time to go to a flower place but I didn't want to get the wrong kind of flowers for you."

To find other flowers and what they mean, go here.

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