Pretty much all of us love the original royal blue that the Sabres wore until 1996. The Sabres announced a few weeks ago they would bring back the royal blue for their jerseys permanently, starting next season.

But on Saturday evening, the Sabres made a lot of younger fans happy by announcing a special "90s night" for their game against the Florida Panthers on January 4th.

The Sabres are asking fans to break out their black and red jerseys for this special night but will the Sabres players themselves be wearing the retro black and red jerseys that night?

...that remains to be seen.

There are no details on what else 90s night will bring but you can expect plenty of black and red in the arena that evening. The Sabres Store will also have black and red merchandise this season.

Many fans in their 20's and 30's grew up on those red and black jerseys, so I know there's plenty of excitement already for January 4th!