Since 1970, Rossi’s Pizza has been satisfying the cravings for pizza, subs, wings, calzones and other delicious foods of people in the Southern Tier but one town has found itself with an insatiable hunger as their location has closed.

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Rossi’s Pizza was started by Sam Rossi and run by Sam and his family until 1994 when the Lanza family took over the pizza business. It was the Lanza family who expanded the restaurant’s locations into Johnson City and Owego.

Owego residents wanting to order food from the restaurant were surprised to discover that the Owego restaurant, located at 1551 NY-96, wasn’t able to feed them as that location had closed with no advance notice.

Questions swirled on the streets and on social media over whether or not the closure was temporary or if something more permanent was going on.

Townsquare Media reached out to Rossi's location in Endicott for clarification as to what happened with the Owego restaurant location and was told that Rossi's Pizza in Owego has in fact closed but there is hope of it opening back up.

The hope is to find new management to run the Owego location as quickly as possible so that the restaurant is able to open back up again. No further information surrounding the circumstances of the closure of the Owego location was given.

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