I know a lot of people have stopped sending Christmas cards, but not me. I'm not saying that I love writing out what feels like a million cards every year, but it's a nice tradition that makes people smile and I don't want to see it lost.

If you want to show your friends and relatives you care this holiday season, but can't bear the thought of devoting hours to writing out cards, a robot-written Christmas card might be for you.

There's a new company using 3D printers equipped with robot arms holding fancy fountain pens to write good old-fashioned letters to your friends and family – all without you having to lift a finger.

The robots take care of everything. What you do is email or text them a message in your actual handwriting and they'll write out the message for you, and even mail it, wax-sealed and stamped.

Robot written cards start at $3 each and that includes postage and all of the other materials needed to make this happen. If you think about it, it's not such a steep price. A card at a card store would cost anywhere between $2 and $20, and that doesn't include postage.