I can't even imagine life without my husband, not that I'd want to because I certainly don't. Sure, Jay gets on my nerves sometimes, but that just means we have a totally normal and healthy marriage. I remember life before my husband and I never want to go through those days again. I'm convinced that I would literally die of a broken heart without Jay.

Think that a broken heart isn't a real thing? You'd be very wrong. The Debrief reports that the British Heart Foundation researchers have found that, "broken heart syndrome" really does exist and carries symptoms similar to a heart attack.

When someone suffers from a broken heart, they experience extreme emotional stress. This stress, in turn, restricts that heart's ability to contract properly and pump blood around a person's heart. The researchers have discovered that many people who suffer from "broken heart syndrome" do so following the death of someone they deeply love.

Takotsubo syndrome’ is the scientific name for heartbreak and until recently,  researchers believed that heartbreak had the ability to heal itself over time, but further research has led them to believe that the damage is extensive and long-term.

According to the BBC, "between 3% and 17% of people with the syndrome die within five years of diagnosis. Some 90% of sufferers are female and a stressful trigger is identified in about 70% of cases." 

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