The herd of escaped buffalo probably had a better chance of surviving when they were roaming the range.

We were trying to save the buffalo that escaped from Bison Island in Sharon Springs, but that may have been the wrong thing to do. Did you know that Bison Island is listed as a Farm and Butcher Shop? :(

We're not vegetarian, we love farms and farmers and eating a big juicy steak. But now we have uncomfortable thoughts about the buffalo butchered into bison burgers. Reality sucks.

Bison Island has many 5-star reviews about informative tours and offering an up-close and personal look at the 'magnificent animals,' but then reports like this reveal the truth of the situation.

The escapees are still en route home as you can see in the video.

The buffalo broke through fencing at Bison Island after a bull became agitated in CNY.  Some residents were carrying guns to protect themselves as adult bison are ornery, weigh 2500 pounds, and run about 35 mph.

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