Summertime means warm weather, hot dogs, and BURGERS!  That's kind of a given.  But what do you put on them?

For me, it's cheese and bacon.  Everything else is just kind of up to how I'm feeling that day. Maybe some ketchup, a little mustard and some mayo...lettuce and tomato.

Ketchup, mustard, relish...those are some pretty popular staples when it comes to burgers.  But what about other toppings?

Thrillist just ranked 12 different burger toppings, and it wasn't just condiments.  The list was kind of intriguing. Here's what they listed in the order of importance:

1.  Cheese.

2.  Onions.

3.  Condiments, including ketchup, mustard, thousand island, mayo and aioli, ranch, relish, and barbecue sauce.

4.  Pickles.

5.  Bacon.

6.  Chilies.

7.  Avocado.

8.  Lettuce.

9.  Chili.

10.  Eggs.

11.  Tomatoes.

12.  Mushrooms.

I had no idea people put chili on burgers.  Is that a thing?

Then again, I thought it was pretty crazy the first time I heard about putting a fried egg on a burger too.  But that's really good too!

What are YOUR favorite toppings when it comes to burgers?

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