Ah, Labor Day, how America loves you. And yet, we hate you at the same time. Labor Day weekend is glorious because it means three days off of work (for most people), but it's also an awful holiday because it marks the unofficial end to summer.

Most people are of the mindset that if we have to say farewell to summer, it might as well be done with a drink in hand and that's just what a massive number of Americans plan to do. By massive, we're talking about 147 million Americans who will reach for an ice cold beer this weekend.

Curious what other people will be doing as they sip their beer? Well, 67 percent of people say they'll be holding a beer as they flip burgers, 36 percent will enjoy a beer while watching a movie, and 33 percent of people will drink their beer alone as they soak in some personal quiet time.

Speaking of beer, the Parlor City Oktoberfest is just around the corner (Saturday, October 13th at Mountain Top Grove) and you should consider this your official invite. The Parlor City Oktoberfest will be a SIX-hour celebration with authentic German foods and desserts, performances, an activity area for kids, craft beers, vendors and more! This is an all ages event, but you must be 21 to drink. Oh, and admission is free for kids 12 and younger! Save some money by purchasing your tickets in advance.

[via Flavorful World]