She would have been 104 on Sunday. We lost her yesterday but what a legacy she left for all of us to be proud of.

Her name was Margaret Brainard.  I know her as Grandma Pitcher. She had 5 kids including 1 boy, my Dad (Carl).  She was born in West Warren, Pa.  She lived in the house she was born in, right till the end.

There are many things about my Grandma that I loved.  She had a wonderful laugh, that made you laugh when you heard it.  She gave me my love of Life cereal, especially Cinnamon Life.  It's my favorite still today.

One of her favorite pastimes is America's pastime. She loved to watch baseball on TV. In the winter, it bummed her out. I told her that the YES network show classic games all the time, even in the winter.  I also told her that the Yankees always win when they show them now......Bonus.

When you went to Grandma's, you had to remember that she didn't have a modern indoor bathroom, unless you count a large bucket. I remember telling Dawn that she might want to use the bathroom before visiting Grandma.

She had a outhouse, which worked great in the summer but not so much in the winter.  She says she liked things the way they were.

Recently, Tara had to do a report on the most interesting person she knows. I tried to tell her it was me. Nope, she would not be deterred. She wrote her report on Great Grandma Pitcher. The best part was that she had a chance to read it.

Another time, Tara drew a boat on a card and called it "S S Grate Grandma."  She also wrote that she was "Sweeter than Candy" with drawings of candy. She also loved to sing into Great Grandma's walking cane, (check out the last 10 seconds). In fact, she still has it.

Grandma P,  thanks for everything you've done for me and all of the lives you've touched.  You were a great woman and inspiration to all with your humility.


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