Remember when we all wished that we could work from home in our sweats, our hair up in a true "I just rolled out of bed" messy bun while typing with one finger, juggling a bowl of cereal in the other hand, and glancing up at the television from time to time? Yeah, about that.

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I remember the excitement I felt the day I walked out of the office with a box of equipment in my arms to set up a "just in case it's needed" studio in the guest bedroom of my house. I took the time to carefully set everything up just so. I even hung some pictures my son had drawn on the walls, checked the lighting, and made sure that I had a comfy chair.

I was so caught up in the idea of things that I neglected to focus on the reality of things. I didn't check to make sure the lock on the bedroom door worked or to take a second to remind my husband just how imperative it was that he keep our son from running (like a very, very loud bull in a China shop) into the spare bedroom while I was recording. The fun of having a studio set up in my house lasted approximately four hours and then my excitement didn't just dull. It snuffed out completely.

For my whole life, my mom has told me, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side." It took a global pandemic for me to take her words to heart. I feel like the coronavirus pandemic has been good for us in some ways. Eye-opening, even.

It's human nature to look at other people and situations and think that what we have isn't good enough. That we need more. As my pastor said in a recent message, we spend so much time trying to fill up our life buckets with things that won't truly fulfill us and we are left unsatisfied over and over. The problem is, we're dipping into the wrong wells of fulfillment and we are being left empty. Looking for the answer to what will truly fill your well to overflowing capacity? Check this out. 

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