The COVID-19 pandemic has effected so many people and have changed our lives in so many ways. This includes the chance to work from home and say goodbye to the time and money-consuming commute to and from work every day.

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A recent survey wanted to find out what employees thought about working from home. The survey wanted to find out out much we value our work-from-home (WFH) arrangement and how much we really hate commuting to work all the time.

The survey included 3,000 employees who are currently working remotely but might have to go back to the office either full-time or in a hybrid model. The question asked was: "How much of your salary would you be willing to sacrifice to avoid commuting in 2024?"

How Much Salary Will New Yorkers Give Up To Work From Home

Before you read on, ask yourself that same question and see if your answer is close to theirs... It turns out that the average New Yorker would be willing to give up $12,693 of their annual salary just to avoid the everyday commuting hassle.

Californians have longer commutes and they said that they'd give up $13,759 per year to continue enjoying their home-brewed coffee. Residents of Washington and Utah would be willing to part with $13,017 and $12,843 of their hard-earned money if they could do their jobs from home.

On the other side, Montana residents are fine with driving back and forth to work. They are only willing to part with $429 of their salary to keep working from the comfort of their homes.

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