I was Black Friday shopping with my daughter Tara, brother-in-law Johnny V and his two daughters. I saw a lot of people but do you know what I didn't see? Salvation Army Red Kettle Ringers.

There were two stores that have always had ringers out front and they weren't there this year and I wondered why. Now I know, they are in need for more volunteers to ring the bell

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign has been around for over 125 years and they need your help this year.

Last year, the money that you put in the Broome County Red Kettles helped 60,000 people in need. The Salvation Army of Binghamton was able to serve 31,322 meals and provided toys and Christmas gifts to 226 families and over 500 children.

Also because of your generosity they sent 22 children to a week long summer camp and provided a variety of other emergency and family services. They are looking to do even more this year and with your help, they'll do it.

Do you know that volunteering has many positive effects? Self-confidence and self-esteem go up and blood pressure and depression go down. When teens volunteer, drug use and unwanted pregnancies go down.

Also teens that volunteer become adults that volunteer and The Salvation Army is always looking for volunteers.

The Salvation Army Red Kettles have represented the Christmas season and compassion to those in need around the world since 1890. They are fighting for good and they need your help.

So how do you sign up or get more information? Call (607) 722-2987 or go here for other ways to help out. It's remarkable how much better you'll feel.

[via The Salvation Army]