So I did a story about the things that we should look out for when we start a new relationship. I talked about the "honeymoon phase" when everything is fresh and exciting. That first kiss, chill, and thrill, then it changes to "what did I do wrong now."

Did you know that the honeymoon phase even has its own name, it's called "New Relationship Energy (NRE). I agree, that doesn't sound exciting at all. It's the part of the relationship when the rest of the world doesn't intrude because you are so connected to each other.

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For many, the honeymoon phase is considered the most exciting time of the relationship...then it's all downhill from there. One way or another that part of the relationship comes to an end and sometimes it doesn't recover.

Where Did "Honeymoon Phase" Come From

The word "honeymoon" is a modern version of the Old English term, "hony moone." It referred to the fleeting sweetness of a new marriage. "Honey" refers to the mead (made by fermenting honey) that was given to a married couple. The "moon" part is linked to the short amount of time that a couple would experience the pleasure as it goes from full to waning.

The word "phase" is used in a negative way because it reminds us that the current bliss won't last. So when we put the words together, it emphasizes how brief it will be. I think that period has gotten even shorter in this "I want it right now or I'm moving on" world.

What Should Be Done Next

Enjoy the honeymoon part of your relationship but also realize that it wasn't meant to last forever. When that phase comes to an end, realize that the relationship has gone from magic to reality...and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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