Spring is here, love is in the air, and you're still getting nowhere. The only thing that is heating up in your life is the weather. It's time to move on but that can be scary as well. Ask anyone that gets into a new relationship, it's filled with "firsts" and if you aren't careful it can end at "lasts" fast.

My first suggestion is not to ignore the red flags like you did the first time. All of your friends can't be wrong and only you are the one that is right. That is a hard lesson to learn and if you're not careful, you'll be learning it all over again.

I was always told that until you've been through every season together, you really won't know them completely. I thought that meant the four seasons in the year, but it can also mean the different seasons of life.

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The beginning of a new relationship is the "honeymoon" time and everything feels fresh and exciting. Remember that first kiss, thrill, and chill? Now it's "what did I do wrong now."

That first time out, you can expect to be treated well but watch how they treat everyone around you. If you're at a restaurant, are they rude to the waitress or complain about the food that they ordered? That doesn't get better and soon, you'll be treated the same way.

Now that you're dipping your toe into the dating pool, here are some things to keep in mind:

The Ex-Conversation

You can ignore that chat for a while but it's bound to come up. It's not easy thinking that they've been with anyone else. It's even tougher if you know that person that they used to be with.

First rule: Don't compare yourself to them. They aren't with them anymore, they are with you. It is their loss and you are winning. The second rule: see first rule.

The First Real Disagreement

This is when you find out how great, good or bad your relationship is doing. I just hope it doesn't happen on the first day of your first long road trip together. That first fight can be awkward but it's a chance to see how you are treated when things aren't going their way.

The "What Are We" Conversation

First question: How do you bring the subject up? Second question: Who brings it up first? If you bring it up, you are probably the one who wants to be exclusive. Third question: Are you both on the same page? If you answered yes to question three then continue on...and good luck.

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