When you drive through Greene on Route 12 in Chenango, it's hard to miss the Raymond Corporation. This year they are celebrating their 100th anniversary but did you know that they started as a failed tool manufacturing company?

It's a story of never giving up and following your dream. In 1840, the company we know as Raymond Corporation was the Lyon Iron Works. It was a tool manufacturing company and it wasn't doing very well.

George Raymond Buys Lyon Iron Works

In 1922, George Raymond Sr. came to town from Brooklyn, buys a controlling interest in Lyon Iron Works and concentrates on specific customer needs. In 1930, George Sr. had inspiration strike while he was at the barbershop in the basement of the Chenango House...where Sherwood Hotel is now.

He wondered if the hydraulic system to raise and lower the chair could be modified to lift and lower heavier materials. He rents the chair, takes it back to his shop and eventually develops the first hydraulic lift truck. WOW!

Lyon Iron Works Becomes Raymond Corporation

This is just the first of MANY innovations that include the double-faced wooden pallet, and the first hand pallet truck. In 1950, George Raymond Sr. is the sole owner of the company and changes the name to The Raymond Corporation.

After 100 years, the Raymond Corporation is a leading global company serving over 100 North American markets with representation in 41 countries. With three primary facilities including Greene (the largest) and Syracuse, there are NO signs of slowing down.

I don't think we realize what a great place that we have in our own backyard, I know I didn't. You can read about their fantastic history here. Happy 100th birthday to Raymond Corporation and here's to another 100!

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