The Taste of County Music Festival in Hunter NY is less than a month away (5/7-5/7) so get your tickets and camping packages before they sell out. If you're attending the TOT Music Festival or an outdoor graduation party, you're probably going to use a public bathroom aka a porta-potty.

You might want to keep these safety tips in mind:

Beware of the door handle at the bathroom entrance: You don't wash your hands on the way into the bathroom and no one else does either.

Use a paper towel to turn off the sink: People touch it before they wash and it's one of the germiest places in the bathroom. That's why I like the motion sensor sinks, although I look like I'm doing jazz hands.

Don't put your bags on the floor: Wetness is a welcome mat for bacteria and if you're a man, sometimes the 'splashige' (my word) can travel to faraway floor places.

Look out for shoe soles when you sit: When you walk out, icky stuff from the floor may go with you. If you sit on a blanket look to see if someone has walked on it or your clean hands may not be clean anymore.

Sanitize your hands before you eat: It's easy to 'hand' deliver germs from your hands to your mouth through your food. This goes for snacks as well...Assuming that you're still hungry after reading this.

Enjoy the Taste of County Music Festival and to paraphrase Hill Street Blues, "Let's be sanitary out there."

[via Taste of Country Music Festival]

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