It's been a few years now but I remember the excitement of going to the prom. I liked it so much, I went to five of them. So this an awesome thing that GSR Crossfit is doing. They are hosting it's first "Joy Prom" this Saturday.

The "Joy Prom" is a full scale prom for the special needs individuals in our community. There will be over 35 guests along with their friends and family. It includes a walk on the red carpet and they'll be escorted by volunteers who will help them with make-up and hair touch-ups, flowers and more.

The volunteers will share their talents, gifts and love in the most special way possible. They'll enjoy a pizza and dessert buffet followed by a night of dancing and a great time with friends. Here's the best part: The night is provided at NO COST to the guest.

Joy Prom is the vision of Carmel Baptist Church in 2008 and continues today throughout the country. This year's theme is "Your Night to Shine" and will be held at GSR Crossfit, 220 Stage Road in Vestal from 4 pm to 8 pm.

They hope to make a positive impact on those attending and give encouragement to all people throughout their community.


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