Just when we thought that politics couldn’t get more "interesting," this story of a New York politician and his campaign plan has proven us all wrong.

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Mike Itkis is a 53-year-old man who is running for Congress in New York as an Independent and knowing the slim chance that he actually has of winning, Itkis thought it would be a great idea to drum up votes by releasing his own porn video. A sex tape for votes – sounds perfectly logical, right?

While we all might think that it’s a pretty bold and potentially damming move to release a sex tape in order to garner votes, Itkis actually has a platform on “sex positivity.” Itkis likes sex. A lot. So much so that he thinks the subject of sex is something that people shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to talk about. Not only that, Itkis wants to make prostitution legal.

By the way, the sex tape released by Itkis isn't of him and a partner. No, Itkis hired a porn actress by the name of Nicole Sage to star in the sex tape with him – which was completely legitimate and not a fake sex tape.

The two produced a 13-minute video last year and Itkis waited until closer to election time to release the video on Pornhub but the video went unnoticed until Itkis did a recent interview and told the world he’d starred in and released a sex tape.

Politics in New York have officially taken a turn that none of us ever thought we'd see - a sex tape released - on purpose. And there you have it.

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