Decorating the Christmas tree is something everyone looks forward to every year. At the Franiak household this is an experience in itself.

The first is our basement Christmas tree that has been up for close to 10 years. My dad told my sister awhile back to pack up the tree and she never did, so it still resides in the basement. Over the years it has collected a plethora of interesting items. There are bags of chips, socks, even a leg lamp!

It originally started out with just beer cans but has now acquired a Captain Morgan Spice Rum bottle on top. Yes, it does have multi-colored lights as well.


The upstairs tree, the main event, has rotated between fake and real and small and tall. Its decorated with traditional ornaments and some things we have collected over the years.


This morning my mother sent me the angel ornament pictured above. That ornament is about 22-23 years old, and I would say it’s the best I’ve ever looked.

The most popular ornament from the phone calls you guys gave me this week was the pickle! I discovered the pickle tradition a few years ago and its fun. Basically, you hide a small pickled, either real or tin, in the tree. The first one to find the pickle then has good luck for the next year!

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