The U.S. Transportation Security Administration expects to screen over 3 million people in a single day for the very first time today. So it looks like we are getting to taking to the skies when we travel.

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But what if we want to travel with our four-legged furry friend? Well New Yorkers, if you want to jet-set with your pet, you are ready for take-off. According to the travel experts at SkyParkSecure, American Airlines is leading the pack as the most pet-friendly airline in the world, with TUI, a British airline, also making it in the top 10.

Why American Airlines Rocks

American Airlines takes the win with paw-some perks like letting pets in the cabin to most US places. You can have your cat or dog right by your side in a carry-on container. They have also updated their policy to let you bring a personal item or carry-on bag too.

Korean Air’s Cool Pet Program

Korean Air came in at number two, where pets can hang out in the cabin or cargo. They even have a ‘SKYPETS’ loyalty program where you can earn stamps for every flight with your four-legged friend. Treat your pets and collect points – win-win!

Czech Airlines: Flying with Fluffy

Czech Airlines takes the bronze when it comes to allowing small dogs and cats in the cabin, and larger pets in the cargo area. They want to transport your furry friends in comfort and style.

TUI – UK’s Most Pet-Friendly

For New Yorkers with UK connections, TUI grabs the ninth spot for being pet-friendly. They stand out as one of the only UK airlines allowing most pets in the cabin.

Tips to Prep Your Pet for the Skies

If you’re gearing up for a flying adventure with your furry friend, you should follow Liz Clifton’s relaxed advice to get your pet comfortable with their travel gear before you go. It includes keeping an eye out on their health and behavior, and consider their comfort when picking between cabin or cargo travel. Finally, don’t forget to pack their favorite toys and comfy blankets!

Tip to Protect Pets from Summer Heat

With heat advisories in effect for a large portion of the country, now is the time to ensure you are prepared to keep your pets safe from the summer heat.

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