The Church Women United's “Community Mitten Tree” is now up in a new location - the banquet hall in Hoppie's Restaurant - to be decorated with beautiful generosity from the community.

From now until December 2, people can bring in colorful knit mittens, hats, socks and slippers to help fill the tree boughs. Whether they’ve been purchased, or knit by hand, they’re all gifts from the heart. New toys and books may also be donated, and placed under the tree.  

The Church Women United “harvest” these items from the tree, and then they're used to fill the annual Community Christmas Baskets. If there are any leftovers, they're donated to the Oxford Primary School and to Oxford Head Start to keep little heads, hands, and feet warm. Your donations of hats, slippers, mittens, toys or books are greatly appreciated. (Please no scarves.) Hoppie's Restaurant is conveniently located at 2 LaFayette Park at the corner of Route 12.

The Church Women United (CWU) of Oxford are representatives from four Oxford churches: St. Joseph's, St. Paul's, United Methodist, and the United Church of Oxford. For further CWU information, contact: Cathy Rood (607) 843-8785; or visit the CWU web page on the Common Cents Thrift Shop website provided by Woollybear Web -

Don’t delay… let’s make this the best Mitten Tree ever!

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