This has to be the most colorful and bizarre house on the market in New York right now.

According to Architectural Digest, there are 52 different colors found in and on this home. It's like a Sherman Williams exploded on it. But believe me the bizarre doesn't end with the bright colors. This house also has, what can only be described as a Mars-like floor in parts of the house that look like a mix of a giant sandbox and the surface of Mars.

The house is known as Bioscleave House or Life-Span Extending Villa according to the listing on Zillow. The concept was that this very unique house would somehow extend your life.  It was built by some famous avant-garde artists that built the house in a couple of stages starting in the 1990s and finishing in 2008. It was meant to be an experimental architectural laboratory that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in a home and what could somehow extend your lifespan. Ironically, the artists that designed and built the house are both dead.....soooo there's that.

I think it's awesome, but I can't imagine living in it. It looks like something you'd find at a children's museum somewhere.

This Colorful And Bizarre House Was Built In New York To Extend Your Life

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