Let's face it. Money is tight and gas prices are high, but you're ready to pull your hair out - you NEED to get out of the house before you go batty. I completely get it. Believe it or not, it IS possible to escape for the day on a tank of gas or less and over the next few weeks, starting today, I'll highlight some of the places you can visit for a sanity break without breaking the bank.

We'll start with Nathaniel Cole Park. This park is 21 minutes from Binghamton and is located at 1674 Colesville Road in Harpursville.

Nathaniel Cole Park was named after a real person and his story is pretty cool. Cole was a Revolutionary War veteran. In 1795 he settled with his family on a plot of land that eventually became known as Cole’s Hill. Along with his son, Cole built a tavern on the corner of what is now Farm-To-Market Road and Watrous Road. The tavern was up and running in 1800 and was a popular place for stage coaches to stop and quench their thirst as they traveled from Binghamton to Albany. Part of the land once owned by Nathaniel Cole is now part of Nathaniel Cole Park.

Cole Park isn't just a plot of land with some pretty grass. Pack a picnic basket, throw on your swimsuit and tuck a volleyball under your arm. A full day of play awaits you. Nathaniel Cole Park offers picnicking, grilling (nice!), swimming, sand volleyball and even rental boats if you'd like to explore the 53-acre lake.

Learn more about Cole Lake and get directions here.

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