One of our favorite things to do as a family is to pack a cooler, get the dog in the car and head for a hiking destination. We have encountered other dogs along the way as well as the occasional deer but never a pig. Venture out and about the Hudson Valley and you just might see 'Eleanor Pigby' on the trail.

According to New York Upstate, Eleanor Pigby is a 6-month-old Kunekune pig that lives at the Summit School at Nyack as part of the animal care program. Imagine, a therapy pig that hikes! Wikipedia reports that the Kunekune are a small breed of domestic pig with a friendly nature that can make for a great pet but hiking?

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Eleanor Pigby isn't the only animal hiker at the Summit School. Her friends are 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats named Scout and Sawyer, a Boxer named Moose and a Goldendoodle named Rudy.

The school's Animal Care Coordinator Anna Solveig Sicari started with dogs but quickly grew the program to include rabbits followed by goats and now a pig! The program helps teach kids how to take care of something besides themselves. They bathe the animals, feed them and give them exercise. One great way to accomplish that is walking or hiking with them.

If you would like to meet Eleanor Pigby and some of the other therapy animals in person head to the Summit School at 339 North Broadway, Upper Nyack on Saturday October 16th. The school will be helping to raise money for the Hudson Valley Humane Society.

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