If you think you're good at catching things, you might have to think again. Cameron Heinig, an 18-year-old from New York, has just set a new Guinness Book World Record. How did Cameron break the record? By catching a tennis ball.

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Cameron caught a tennis ball that was dropped from a drone that was flying 469.5 feet above his head! Cameron says he spent two summers training with his friend, Julian who was in charge of piloting the drone. They started trying to break the record bare-handed, but Cameron realized that was hurting his hand so he switched to a baseball glove.

Cameron eventually went back to bare-handed catching once he was successful with the glove. There were some setbacks but nothing that Cameron couldn't handle. On the day of his official attempt, he faced a challenge when a surveyor (who they brought in to measure the drone's height) said that the flying vehicle was too small.

New York Teen Breaks Guinness World Record

Cameron has to add a reflector before attempting the record again. This created another problem because the small drone had trouble flying with the added weight. In the end, Cameron caught the ball on his third try in his official attempt.

The surveyor verified that the ball was dropped from a height of 469.5 feet breaking the previous record by an impressive 75.4 feet. WHOA!

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Cameron told Guinness World Records that he was "a little worried that it would hurt, but I figured it was worth it for a Guinness Book World Records title." His work paid off because Cameron is now the new holder of a pretty cool world record.

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