New York Governor Andrew Cuomo no longer has the executive authority to order a new mask mandate or require proof of vaccinations for services in the wake of the jump in COVID-19 cases, mainly the more contagious Delta variant, but he is urging local governments and schools to take action to fight the spread.

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During a news briefing, the Governor suggested governments and schools enact strict vaccination policies and asked private businesses, including restaurants, to require proof of vaccination from customers.

The Democrat has ordered state government workers to be vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID tests but, following a legislative vote to end executive orders, Cuomo can’t order sweeping mandates without another legislative vote.

K.B. Grey/ WNBF News
K.B. Grey/ WNBF News

New York’s State of Emergency ended on June 23rd.

New York City, which is seeing a large jump in the number of cases and an increase in hospitalizations due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, is requiring municipal workers to be vaccinated or go through regular testing.  Mayor Bill deBlasio, however, is not ready to commit to requiring vaccination proof at businesses, including restaurants, or mandating the wearing of facial coverings. The mayor, however "strongly" urged even vaccinated people to start wearing masks indoors.

New York State August 2 reported 2,143 new positive tests but only four additional deaths.

Broome County is only updating its official numbers weekly but the state reported August 2 that Broome had 13 new cases.  The overall case, count, however, is far different between state and local numbers. Friday July 30, Broome reported a total of 18,252 cases since the start of the pandemic but August 2 the state put the number at 18,827.

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