Thousands of New York State government workers are being assured they will be paid as budget negotiations continue past the April 1 deadline.

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New York lawmakers approved stopgap legislation to help keep state government running as negotiations on the overdue budget continued behind closed doors.

Governor Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders were unable to reach a deal on a state spending plan before the new fiscal year began Friday. The “extender” appropriations bill sent to the Legislature on Monday, April 4 allows New York to meet payroll and other obligations through Thursday, April 7.

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State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issued a statement saying: "The passage of a budget extender bill will ensure that more than 60,000 state employees will be paid this week. However, since the extender was passed after the time in which O.S.C. indicated it must be done to avoid any disruptions, there may be a delay and employees on the institutional payroll should watch closely."  

Changes to the state’s bail system, child care subsidies use of a $10-billion  surplus are all still being discussed  by state leaders as part of the roughly $216-billion budget.  Some lawmakers are also taking issue with Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement last week of the use of tax money to fund a new stadium to keep the Buffalo Bills in New York. Officials in the Governor’s office have told the media that the talks are progressing in spite of the disagreements.

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