April the Giraffe is going on the pill. The giraffe that became an internet sensation giving birth to Taraji in 2017 is done having babies. "It is time for April to retire," said Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch.

"The welfare of the animals in our care is top priority; it is our duty to observe and respond to their needs," Patch announced in a video on Facebook. "We must look ahead, as much as we look at the present. We strive to be proactive, not reactive."

Don't worry. April isn't going anywhere. "She'll continue to be a star of education at Animal Adventure Park and remain on exhibit," explained Patch.

April and Azizi, born in March, will move in with Azizi's brother Taraji. Johari, the giraffe that joined the park in January, will be moving in with Oliver. The live giraffe cams will go dark during the move but Patch says they'll be back on once it's complete. "We appreciate your continued support and faith in us to do what's best for our animals, our staff and our organization."

Visit April and all the other giraffes this summer at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. We had the opportunity to take a tour during 'Farm Hand' and it's quite a place. You must put a visit to the park on your Summer bucket list this year.

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